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*PLEASE NOTE globes and batteries are not covered by warranty.  A dated receipt of proof of purchase must be provided.


Driving Lights



Q: Surely a plastic light can’t be as strong as a metal one? So it’s lightweight. What’s the advantage of that?

A: LIGHTFORCE is more than just another ‘plastic’ light,  we pioneered the use of Hi-Tec composites in lighting equipment. Consider how materials have evolved in the automotive and aviation industry sector. Lighter and stronger than steel or old fashioned convention and new levels of performance previously not thought possible. LIGHTFORCE set a new benchmark in strength and durability that became legendary. Vulnerable glass and or heavy metal is just illogical, especially in off-road motor sport!   Ask any knowledgeable fabricator, if he/she can have an item of equal strength or even stronger for less weight, what would they choose? A resounding “YES PLEASE!”. Think of a CLASS 1, TROPHY TRUCK or sand rail with typically 8-10 HID lights, the majority mounted on the roof. Why add unnecessary weight in such a handling dynamic sensitive area? This is where LIGHTFORCE is the answer, plus light output that is unsurpassed.


Q: I’ve heard plastic lights vibrate off-road and fatigue in the sun or extreme cold?

A: On the contrary, a heavy metal light is far more likely to vibrate, indeed metal lights are known to crack under harmonic fatigue in extreme situations. Vibration can also be a result of a poor mounting point or a vehicle that is prone to this dynamic. If the mounting point is vibrating, anything attached will as well! Your LIGHTFORCE light should be torqued to 50ft/lbs - 68nm at the mounting point and if everything is solid you should have no issues. We use UV stabilised materials that are inert to weather or real operating conditions. LIGHTFORCE is known for its durability from below -30ËšC to the scorching heat and dust of the Australian outback and other extreme desert conditions. A little known fact is how extreme cold can cause conventional lights to crack, even the metal components. Alaska and Sweden are two markets where LIGHTFORCE has forged a formidable reputation where only the toughest products survive.


Q: I have a 130 watt bulb in my light. How can a LIGHTFORCE light be any brighter? What do you mean by rating your light output by LUX?

A: Wattage alone can be very misleading. It’s all about how the power is being utilised by the bulb, the more efficient the bulb, the more light. A huge disadvantage besides high amperage draw on your electrical system is the immense heat output of high wattage bulbs. Stories abound of people either melting or burning light housings or cracking hot glass lenses when suddenly subjected to water. Light output is obviously a combination of the bulb, the reflector and lens, it is far more than just wattage or over hyped candlepower! This is one reason why at LIGHTFORCE we choose to rate our light output at a 1 LUX reading to demonstrate a REAL maximum distance potential. LUX you ask? Well, 1 lux is considered enough light to read a newspaper. We like LUX as it gives a logical performance benchmark. 


Q: Tell me about this modular filter system? They look like they are just a plastic cover? Surely they will just shatter or crack with a severe impact?

A: As standard all current LIGHTFORCE driving lights are supplied with a CLEAR SPOT CLIP-ON filter. All LIGHTFORCE driving lights are designed to be run at all times with a filter in place. We use polycarbonate as used in fighter aircraft canopies, security screens etc. If you have any doubts about durability just check our ‘LIGHT LOGIC’ video! Literally thousands of people worldwide have stared in disbelief when we display this at trade shows. The filters install with no tools required and in seconds you can change the beam pattern and or colour to suit your situation. Customers tell us how much they love this feature! Check for yourself on many offroad internet forums. Fog, rain, snow, desert silt or Australian bulldust you have the ideal solution at hand!

Q: Is the LIGHTFORCE light I buy the same as you sell to the off-road race community?

A: Absolutely! A crucial part of our success and product development has been our relationship with racers worldwide. The benefit to the consumer is a superior product via our product development and racer feedback. A true win-win scenario.


Q: Every driving light I have ever seen gets water inside it. What about LIGHTFORCE?

A: Every LIGHTFORCE light is fitted with a MIL-SPEC Gore-tex® breather (IP57/67/68/IP69K) to minimize ingress of either moisture or other potential contaminant. The majority of lights in the market place have no effective system to deal with water submersion, humidity or dust. Why compromise?


Q: What makes the LIGHTFORCE 240 HID so special compared to others?

A: From its 2001 Baja victory with Team Hummer, the 240 HID set a new benchmark in HID lighting. Almost half the weight of its closest rival and greater light intensity by virtue of its larger parabolic reflector. It also incorporates the Gore-tex® filter, so no problems with dust or water ingress. Our internal ballast negates the hassle of external mounting. True plug ’n play convenience. Included are billet focal spacer rings to allow you to broaden or tighten the beam pattern. If you are seeking the ultimate in long range performance and reliability for your vehicle, this is it.      

The Finke Desert race, Baja 500 or 1000 or Dakar? Not all HID lights are equal. The LIGHTFORCE 240 HID is ‘King of the Hill’.


Q: Are LIGHTFORCE lights suitable for ATV’s, motorbikes, snowmobiles etc?

A: Absolutely! The lightweight and durability factor makes them the logical choice! In extreme conditions we have no equal. Plus all the modular filter versatility to give you maximum visibility.


Q: Do you make an HID with a really blue or purple output? I want the brightest light!

A: Contrary to advertising hype the trend towards even bluer almost purple color output beyond the 6000k+ range does not allow you to see further. INFACT IT IS COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE AND SCIENCE DOES NOT LIE! The ‘K’ (kelvin) rating is inversely proportional to the light output, therefore the lower the ‘K’ the brighter the light output. At LIGHTFORCE we choose proven performance over bling with no exceptions. Don’t be misled!


Q: Why is a LIGHTFORCE halogen bulb so bright compared to other brands?

A: Our 12V halogen type bulbs incorporate xenon gas enabling them to burn between 10-20% brighter and whiter than conventional halogen bulbs. At 12V they are rated at 2000 hours run time. Ask any other manufacturer what they rate at? Worldwide, professionals who drive at night in the trucking industry tell us the huge benefit they have made changing to LIGHTFORCE in running costs alone.


Q: Can I install and wire the lights myself?

A: We can supply an optional LIGHTFORCE wiring harness that will ensure maximum performance and long term reliability. Anyone with basic mechanical knowledge can carry out an installation although a professional often has the many extra tools and knowledge of individual vehicles to ensure the job is done right.


Q: Are LIGHTFORCE lights legal on my vehicle?

A: We advise you to check with your local authorities, particularly for on-road use. Black, opaque covers are available which may satisfy some jurisdictions for highway use.     

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