Handheld XENON HID 70w Fast Start

LIGHTFORCE range on handheld Xenon HID lights are made from lightweight composite polymer construction for extreme strength and durability without the heavy weight associated in metal lights.

An internal 70w Fast Start ballast enclosed within the base makes this light easy to use and well balanced. Bulbs have been designed by Lightforce exclusively for use with our parabolic reflectors providing extreme light penetration.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications when lightweight, portable function and HIGH output light is desired.

  • Internal ballast (housed within the base)
  • Available in 3 reflector sizes - 140mm, 170mm and 240mm
  • Choice in colour temperatures from 4200°K, 5000°K and 6000°K
  • Bulb wattage is matched to ballast output, ensuring durability and colour consistency
  • Custom made HID bulb optimised for the Lightforce parabolic reflectors
  • 3.6 meter coil cord fitted with cigarette plug (standard) alternative options available
  • Fully compatible with our existing clip on filter system
  • 12 volt (Fast Start) or 24 volt models available

For 12 volt models input voltage 9 - 16 volts                   For 24 volt models input voltage 21 - 29 volts
Operating voltage 12.8 volts DC (typical)                        Operating voltage 25.6 volts DC (typical)

Amperage draw @ 12.8 volts DC                                   Recommended operating temperatures (ambient):
70w ~ 5.5 amps                                                         -40°C > +40°C Maximum
                                                                                -40°F > +104°F Maximum

Lumen output:                                                            Weight (including coil cord):
35 watt 3200 lumens                                                   140 HID - 860 grams (1.89 lbs)
50 watt 5000 lumens                                                   170 HID - 870 grams (1.91 lbs)  
70 watt 6400 lumens                                                   240 HID - 1.25 kilo grams (2.75 lbs)

Optional 70 watt bulb available with added shielding to reduce halo affect when a concentrated beam is required this shielding reduces secondary light. 


There is now an option available to interchange the input cable from a coil cord with cigarette plug to a figure 8 cable with alligator clips. Enabling the user to operate via a portable battery pack or have a longer cable connecting directly to a vehicles main battery for extended use.

Coil cord with cigarette plug length is 2 meters (6' and 6.74") fully extended 3.6 meters (11' and 9.73")
Figure 8 cable with alligator clips is 4.5 meters (14' and 9.16")

This interchangeable power cable option is available across the complete HID handheld range.



Price: AUD$



Colour Rendering:


Cable type:


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